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About The Evergreen Clinic

The Evergreen Clinic was established more than 25 years ago, to provide high-quality mental health care to the Seattle metropolitan area and Puget Sound region. Care is provided by our team of psychiatrists, therapists, and nurse practitioners.

We use a combination of medications, therapy, and education to interrupt acute episodes of illness and to break the cycle of recurrence with a holistic approach that also includes guidance on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. We work with both patients and their families to help them understand the illness, so they are better equipped to adhere to treatment, make lifestyle changes, and detect early relapses.

Naturopathic Psychiatry

Naturopathic psychiatry is an integrative, comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating mental health issues by caring for the whole person. Learn how we use naturopathic principles in our psychiatric care.

Nurse Practitioners

Our nurse practitioners are all board certified in psychiatry/mental health care and are licensed prescribers. Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses who provide high-quality healthcare services including diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases and ailments.

Our Practitioners

We have a combination of psychiatrists, therapists, and nurse practitioners who provide quality mental health care to our patients in many different areas including depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, mindfulness, bipolar, PTSD, schizophrenia, autism, marriage, and more.


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Phone: (425) 821-1810
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New Patient Line: (425) 825-9644